Who Supports us

We are overwhelmed by the generous and continuous support provided by individuals and organizations who believe in us. Our supporters include:

  • Community people with whom we work
  • Individuals and organizations who provide us financial (donations, grants and loans) and technical (guidance, assistance and capacity building) support
  • Interns, fellows and volunteers who contribute their time and expertise
  • Friends of Aditya Nirmal Society. who facilitate in creating and maintaining the above mentioned relationships

As a small token of our gratitude to our supporters, we have mentioned some of them on this page. However, there are numerous others who have supported us earlier and continue to do so in myriad ways. We thank all of you and humbly apologize for our inability to mention all your names here.

Getting Involved

We will like to connect with committed individuals and organizations who are passionate about making a positive difference. If you have something that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you. You can get involved in one of the ways mentioned in the above section, or together we can design a new way to synergize. Please write to us at or