Aditya Nirmal Society for Works in Earthly Reforms (ANSWER India )

The Aditya Nirmal Society For Works In Earthly Reforms (ANSWER) is a Non-profit organization (NPO) dedicated to rural development in the Indore region of Madhya Pradesh State. Our primary areas of intervention are community development, income-generation, watershed management, women’s empowerment, education, and community health. ANSWER India was registered in 2005 and is currently active in helping rural communities in Ujjain, Dewas, Ratlam, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Indore, districts. Through our innovative programs.  

We help to empower disadvantaged people and aid them in creating healthy, nondiscriminatory, and economically sustainable communities. At ANSWER India, our committed team continuously modifies its approach based on self-evaluation and awareness of the changing environment. We believe that deep respect and intimate knowledge of rural people and their challenges is critical in providing them with adequate services. ANSWER India is dedicated to the development of marginalized communities, and for over 11 years we have been their most trusted advocates. ANSWER India is having different Training and Placement Division for the Different Type of skill development program for youth, Employee Training. Society is having Team Master Trainers, Trainers, Assistant Trainers and Placement Officers for different Projects. The present team consists of 26 staff worker, which are full time, part time and voluntary staff and has generated enormous hands of experience of working with the underprivileged communities. The team members have played an essential role in community participation, decentralization, accountability, professionalism, giving identity and reorganization in the delivery of service and streamlining the organizational systems. In the term of infrastructure and working environment, we have sufficiently developed all the management system over the period.

Our Primary Activities and Focus areas

• Community mobilization through participatory processes

• Capacity building through trainings, demonstrations, and exposure visits

• Income generation and savings initiatives

• Establishment of productive market linkages

• Construction of sanitation and clean water facilities

• Formation of community-based organization

• Promotion of effective reproductive health practices

• Environment, Livelihood, Water and Sanitation, Disability, Disaster management, Advocacy, etc.

We have divided our activities in 5 main sectors:

1- Yoga Sectors
2- Education Sectors
3- Health Sectors
4- Preservation of Environment
5- Livelihood Sectors

Our Programmatic Sectors

& Area of work in Year 2018-19
    • Yoga
    • Education (Technology, Employability and skills, Women empowerment, Legal Education) 
    • Relief of the Poor 
    • Health care & Medical Relief  (Disability and inclusion)
    • Preservation of Environment (including watersheds, forests and wildlife)  
    • Livelihoods (Employ-ability and skills, Rural development, Girl child & youth women empowerment,Agriculture  

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